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What Is DotCom Secrets?

The DotCom Secrets publication gives a detailed process for growing a successful business– whether online or offline.

Despite the fact that DotCom Secrets was first published in 2015, you’ll find that the majority of the methods that Russell discuss are still effective today..

You’ll get a ton of actionable guidance from the book and also if you have plans to market items online or you’re currently at it, you need to obtain a duplicate of DotCom Secrets as well as keep it as a recommendation.Dotcom Secrets Book/resources/diagrams


In the intro of guide, Russell Brunson guaranteed to maintain guide evergreen for several years ahead. The goal is to make it relevant to both new as well as advanced online business owners..

How many service books do you still find pertinent in this ever-changing world? Despite the fact that marketing methods are continuously altering, the DotCom Secrets publication is still incredibly relevant and also helpful today..

If you are presently dealing with getting website traffic to your internet site, or converting that web traffic when it appears, you might believe you have actually got a web traffic or conversion issue. In Russell Brunson’s experience, after working with countless businesses, he has actually found that’s rarely the instance. Reduced web traffic as well as weak conversion numbers are just symptoms of a much better issue, a problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the trouble), but a lot simpler to fix (that’s the bright side). DotComSecrets will certainly give you the advertising funnels and the sales scripts you need to be able to turn on a flood of new introduce your business. A straightforward process that ANY firm can utilize to geometrically enhance their web traffic, conversion & sales online..

Russell Brunson belongs to an underground group of business owners that you have actually possibly never become aware of..

Yet you’ve probably seen our companies consistently striking the INC 500 list as a few of the fastest expanding firms on the planet..

Which is kinda insane, especially thinking about the truth that Clickfunnels introduced simply 5 brief years back, and they did it with simply a few men in a tiny workplace in Boise, Idaho..

They had no money …

No equity capital to fund the suggestion …

And also interestingly enough, both BIG rivals had actually both just handled HUGE rounds of financing, one getting $38 MILLION as well as the second overcoming $127 million!.

Yet Clickfunnels were able to take their idea, plug it into this secret channel strategy, and also beat BOTH of these business …

Without EVER handling a cent of outdoors funding!

And in simply 3 brief years, expanded by over 4,232%, as well as struck number 76 on the INC 500 checklist! On top of that, according to Forbes, they were additionally:.

# 7 Fastest Expanding Software Company.

# 10 Highest Gross Revenues In The Top 100.

# 1 Fastest Growing Software Program Company With Gross Profits’s Over $50MM.

When You Get This Ideal Offering Publication Totally Free … Below Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover …

Inside of DotCom Secrets I will certainly be showing to you 28 secrets to assist you use funnels to grow your business..

Below’s a sneak top at what you’ll discover within your cost-free copy of this new book:.

Section #1: Sales Funnel Secrets

  • Secret #1: The FOUR Questions to Attract Your Dream Customers To You (The Ones That Make You Want To Jump Out Of Bed Each Morning To Work With Them)…While Repelling The Ones That Don’t Excite You!
  • Secret #2: The Key To Creating SO Much Intrigue And Value Before You Even Mention Your Product, That Your Customers Raise Their Hand And Practically BEG You To Sell It To Them… Regardless Of The Price!
  • Secret #3: How To Guide Customers From Your Low-Cost Products Into A High-End Package That Offers Such Deep, Life-Changing Transformation, They Can’t Stop THANKING YOU For The Results They’re Getting!
  • Secret #4: The “5 Identities” To Getting Your Dream Customers To Seek YOU Out, Instead Of You Chasing Them Down… (And Get Them To Not Only LIKE You, But Rally Behind You And The Movement You’ve Been Called To Lead.)
  • Secret #5: Why Being A Pioneer In Your Industry Is The WORST Possible Way To Start…(And How You Can SKIP The Years Of Setbacks Or Learning Curves, And START With What Is Working In The Market RIGHT NOW!)
  • Secret #6: The “Seven Phases” That You MUST Include In Every Funnel To Create A Powerful Experience For Your Customers, And Keep Them Moving Through Your Sales Process!
  • Secret #7: The Key To Reaching Your Audience As Much As You Want, Whenever You Want, And Generating As Much As 80% Of Your Potential Sales… Even After Your Visitors Have Left Your Funnel!

Section #2: Funnels In The Value Ladder

  • Secret #8: How To Draw In The PERFECT Leads And Create SO Much Curiosity That Your Visitors Can’t Help But Give You Their Email Address So They Can Discover The Answer They’re Looking For!  
  • Secret #9: The EASIEST Way To Separate Your Customers Into Different “Buckets”, So You Can Create A Tailored Message Specifically For THEM And Their Needs, Based On The Information That They Give You!
  • Secret #10: The Secret To Leveraging Other People’s Lists, And MULTIPLYING Your List Size With High-Quality Leads In Just A Few Days (This Is GREAT For Those Who Want To Quickly Build A Large List For FREE!)
  • Secret #11: This Technique ALONE Is Why I’m Able To OUTSPEND All Of My Competitors In Order To WIN A Customer… And How We’re Able To Run Paid Ads With NO Ad Budget!
  • Secret #12: The SIMPLE 3-Page Funnel That Walks Your Audience Step-By-Step Directly Through The Sales Process… Turning Them From “Visitors” Into Hyperactive Buyers Who Purchase Multiple Products!
  • Secret #13: How To Get Streams Of The “Right” NEW Customers Who Are Willing To PAY You For A Quick Result… While “Weeding Out” The Customers Who Aren’t A Good Fit To Work With You.
  • Secret #14: The Modern TWIST On Old-School Direct Response Mailers That Sucks Your Audience In, And Captivates Them For The Next 15-30 Minutes… So That You Can Build Tremendous Value, Crush All Of Their Objections, And Sell Your Product!
  • Secret #15: Gather All Your Audience In ONE Place, And Deliver ONE Presentation That Builds So Much Value Around Your Offer, And Motivation To Buy NOW… 
  • Secret #16: The 6-Page “Free Workshop” That Creates Such Enormous BUZZ And Urgency Around Your Offer That Isn’t Even Available Yet, That People Actually Count Down And Waiting Anxiously For The Second That They Can Buy!
  • Secret #17: The 3-Page Funnel That Pre-Qualifies The RIGHT Customers For A High-Ticket Offer Of $3,000, $10,000, $20,000 Or More…(HINT: Selling A $3,000 Offer Is NO More Difficult Than Selling A $47 Product!)

Section #3: Funnel Scripts

  • Secret #18: How To Create A Headline That Is SO Intriguing, It STOPS Your Customers In Their Tracks, And Jerks Them Into Your World With A “Click”, Because They Have To Learn More…
  • Secret #19: The SIMPLE 4 Question Script To Get Your Audience To Click Into Your Funnels, Join Your List, Register For Your Webinars, And Buy Your Low-Ticket Products…
  • Secret #20: How To Get Your Customers To Deeply Understand And Emotionally Relate To You… And Create A “Light Bulb” Moment For Them That Sells Themselves On The Exact Solution You’re Offering (So You Don’t Have To Do Any Of The Selling!)
  • Secret #21: Use This Quick 3-5 Minute Script To Get Your Customer Who JUST Purchased From You To Buy More Of Your Products From $27-$997!
  • Secret #22: Get The Detailed Break-Down Of My “Perfect Webinar” Script! This Is The Script I Use – WITHOUT FAIL – Every Time I Make A Presentation. (I Will Never Use Any Other Script.)
  • Secret #23: The 4-Part Video Script That Generates A FRENZY Around A Product That You’re Launching (Or Re-Launching), And Primes Them To Buy The Second Your Offer Goes Live!
  • Secret #24: The 4-Question Script That Takes A Potential Customer From “I’m Interested” To “Let’s DO This!” In ONE Phone Call!
  • Secret #25: Pre-Qualify Your Customers To Make Sure You’ll Enjoy Working With Them, And Enroll New Clients With This 2-Person Script (This Script Can Be Used To Sell A $2,000-$100,000 Offer!)

Section #4: Building Your Funnel

  • Secret #26: The Step-By-Step FRAMEWORK Over 100,000+ Entrepreneurs Are Using To Get All Of Their Funnels Built In As Little As 10 Minutes, Without Needing To Be A “Techie”, Or Know A Single Line Of Code… 

  • Secret #27: How To Correctly “Stack” Your Funnels To MAXIMIZE Your Earnings Per Customer…And Move Your Dream Customer To The Next Step Of Your Value Ladder Where They Can Receive Deeper Value And Transformation…

  • Secret #28: Learn The Simple “Test” That DETERMINES If Your Funnel Is “Working”, Or If It Is Broken… (And If It’s Broke, Here’s How To Tell Which Part Of Your Funnel Needs To Be Fixed…)   

Dotcom Secrets BookDotcom Secrets Book/resources/diagrams

The Significance of the Value Ladder

One of the biggest concerns organizations face when advertising and marketing online (Facebook or somewhere else) is generating an offer/message that is enticing enough for somebody to click on.

Often businesses will go straight for the sale, promoting their primary item (to people that have actually never ever become aware of them).

Then … they see no outcomes.

Because individuals aren’t going to take out their budgets as well as pay a great deal of cash to somebody they don’t know or depend on.

Therefore when we’re promoting online, we require a process/funnel to bring people via in order to get them to trust us sufficient to buy from us.

And that’s what the value ladder is all about.

As opposed to going straight for the sale, we might give something away absolutely free, to get people with the door. I spoke about how neighborhood businesses can utilize Facebook ads by welcoming this tactic right here.

I deal with a great deal of chiropractic specialists and also usually they concern me fighting with their Facebook advertising. When I have a look at their advertisements, they’ve been promoting to an audience of people who have no concept that they are, attempting to sell a $99 appointment.

That resembles standing in the center of the street asking arbitrary individuals if they wish to acquire your item … no many thanks.

If you are presently struggling with obtaining traffic to your internet site, or converting that website traffic when it turns up, you may think you have actually obtained a website traffic or conversion problem. In Russell Brunson’s experience, after dealing with thousands of companies, he has actually discovered that’s hardly ever the instance. Reduced web traffic and weak conversion numbers are simply signs and symptoms of a much greater trouble, a problem that’s a little more difficult to see (that’s the problem), but a whole lot easier to deal with (that’s the good news). DotComSecrets will offer you the marketing funnels and also the sales manuscripts you require to be able to turn on a flooding of brand-new leads into your service.

How Much does Dotcom Secrets Book Price?

DotCom Secrets is really complimentary when you choose to buy it from the official website, yet you just need to spend for shipping/handling to get it wherever you are in the globe. So, you’ll be billed $7.95 if you reside within the US or $14.95 for worldwide.

That’s the Free And also Shipping offer in play. Haha. As well as an extra reason you must undergo that funnel to see just how it works.Dotcom Secrets Book/resources/diagrams

Dotcom Secrets Book

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